Divinity by Degrees, a GURPS game of Power and Consequence

Welcome players to our Obsidian Portal page. We will see how useful this is, it may be the case that we sack this off very quickly, or we decide it is something that we want to use in the long term.

Campaign Overview:
You are all ordinary men and women who find themselves in a terrifying situation. Forced to make a choice between death and damnation, you struggle on to try and make amends. There will be sacrifice, pain and suffering, but in the end, perhaps, some of you will survive long enough to finally ascend and take your place among the movers and shakers of this world.

This campaign is a mature, adult game, to be taken seriously by those playing it. Of course, we are here to have a good time and all enjoy ourselves, but I want to run something that makes you think about the actions that your character is taking. Nobody is playing a barbarian, a paladin or any of the other overdone archetypes. You play your character, a real person who is struggling to come to terms with the Unnaturalness and Evil that is suffusing them. It isn’t light hearted and that is the point. There are plenty of games out there which you can piss around in. You will not hurt my feelings at all by going to one of those. But I expect roleplaying and development out of this campaign and I know that isn’t for everybody.

I am going to be putting up a couple of pages in the wiki which will detail some of the mechanics. Some will not be accessible at first, you will gain access to them over time. As you meet more people, they will be added as characters, as you collect more items they will be added in the appropriate spot.

So, explore, enjoy and I will see you during character creation.

Divinity by Degrees

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